GFL3000 Ground Fault Locator

Easily Locate Ground Faults in Underground Cables or Wires

The GFL3000 is designed to pinpoint nicks or cuts in underground cables or wires where voltage is leaking to ground.  The GFL3000 transmits a powerful pulsed charge that is detected by the receiver at the top of the A-Frame.  The receiver has an analog meter that kicks in the direction of the ground faults.  Following these kicks will quickly lead you to the exact location where the electrical voltage is being lost to ground.

Fantastic value

The GFL3000 is a low coast ground fault locator with features previously unavailable art this price point.  It has dual power capability which allows the user to select the resistance level of the fault they wish to pursue, along with easy to read battery condition indicators.  In addition, the transmitter features a 12 volt rechargeable battery with both wall and car chargers included. All of this comes in a durable, custom molded case.




  • Delivered Lumens – 1045lm
  • 2700K/3000K
  • CRI – 85
  • Power 2 – 16W
  • Input 9 – 15V
  • Rated Life – 70,000 Hours
  • Adjustable and lockable beam angle
  • Integral Dimmer
  • Includes detachable shroud



The 585HP is on the cutting edge of manufacturing technology, ease of installation, and highest quality standards.

The traditional ball valve has been completely rethought and re-imagined to enhance the user experience and incorporate advances in assembly technology, creating the most advanced commercial ball valve on the market today.


Finely processed straw – Twice cut & processed for easy application.

Bonding agent that gives straw a tackiness which holds it together.

Protects grass seed from the elements – heavy washout, runoff and wind.

TackSsack conserves water, naturally biodegrades – Leave in place after seed grows.

Easy to use, handle and clean up.

It also makes great bedding for livestock.


Three sizes of self contained basins, complete with pumps and plumbing accommodate 12, 24 and 36 inch Formal Spillways.

Seamless Installation with four-inch garden block.

Basin Kits include basin, splash mat, pump, plumbing, PVC glue, adjustment valve and auto fill, all in one box.

Dupont GroundGrid Ground stabilization system is a geotextiles grid used for ground stabilization in landscape and construction projects.  Simply expand the three-dimensional honeycomb structure, place it on your project surface and fill with gravel, soil, sand or other mineral infill to create a strong and stable surface.


APPLICATIONS: Fits Techline HCVXR, HCVXR-RW and RWP, CV, DL, RW and RWP driplines and PE tubing

All Purpose Recessed Light – Performance & Reliability

Landscape lighting versatility and functionality get completely redefined with the Kichler 12V Integrated LED All-Purpose Recessed Light.  Use it practically anywhere to create a dynamic lighting effect: Embed in concrete or mark a path, install over a patio to deliver ambient light, up-light trees or walls for beauty and safety.


3 field changeable beam spread optics included: 20, 40 and 75 degree.

Integrated, fully sealed and encapsulated fixture protects against the elements.

9-15V operating range to assure consistent light output throughout a run.

Removable spring clip and compression sleeve adapts to a wide variety of applications

True delivered lumens and beam spreads.

PRO65 PLASTIC PIPE CABLE LOCATING ACCESSORYPro65 Plastic Pipe Cable Locating Accessory Image


Simple yet effective tool for tracing an underground pipe or conduit that does not have an accompanying trace wire.

Able to navigate 90-degree bend radius of just under 2 inches.  This means that some of the smallest PVC or plastic pipes can now be traced without digging or cutting the pipe.

Simply remove the sprinkler head, insert the PRO65 into the pipe, and apply pressure to move it along the path.

1 1/4 inch pipe is no problem.

At the end of the Pro65 is a sonde, which acts as a beacon and sound spot when used with a 33KhZ transmitting locator.

The Pro65 works with any locator to track the path but the sonde tip requires 33KhZ for the extra sound boost.

Temporary High Bays Light


Bergen’s construction grade Temporary High Bays are designed for the job site but offer portability that make it easy to use for do-it-yourself FarmAg applications.

AVAILABLE IN 30W, 60W, 100W & 150W



  • Rated up to 50,000 life hours
  • Lumens range from 4,000 to 13,000
  • Heavy duty, durable design
  • Easy portability, light weight
  • All-Weather Applications, IP65
  • UL & OSHA compliant
  • 10′ power cord with extra 1′ daisy cord to allow for daisy chain applications
  • Daisy-Chain multiple units and control form a switch
  • 5 year warranty



Speeds installation of drip irrigation system:

Allows for fast connections and easy layouts

UV Resistant:

Withstands heat, direct sun and harsh environments.

Manufactured Under Stringent Quality Controls:

Assures the highest quality as every coil undergoes a battery of over 30 quality checks.

Made with the Finest Low-Density Polyethylene Resin Available:

Available in black or bright white.


For use with point source drip emitters, micro-spray sprinklers for irrigation ground cover, tress and scrubs beds.

Provide flexible and durable header or transition to drip line for on-surface or subsurface installations.

Positions on-line emission devices in hard to reach places.


36″ Copper Fountain Bowl is designed to overflow around it’s entire perimeter into either a FB4600 fountain basin or an eco-rise system.

30″ diameter bowl features a 4″ spillway for a gentle water flow and calming effect.

30″ copper fountain bowl and pedestal may be used in combination with 36″ copper fountain bowl for an eco-rise system.


26″ diameter bowl features four 6″ spillways, dual 1″ FIPT inlets and standpipe for lighting and water supply .

26″ copper fountain bowl is designed to sit on a FB4600 fountain basin on top of the pedestal

Pedestal of solid reinforced copper is designed to securely elevate all copper fountain Bowls and copper spillway bowls by 8″


Disease infection is not always immediately visible.

The amount of time detailed inspection of every plant would require is why FELCO evolved this ingenious solution.

The celebrated clean cut of FELCO tools is a powerful incentive to quick healing. However, the surest way to limit the risk of transferring disease from one plant to another is to invest in the FELCO 19.
Connected by a hose to a pair of FELCO 8 pruning shears, the spray system disinfects the pruning shears between each cut. Once you have filled the one-liter container with disinfectant and pump-pressurized the contents, you are free to concentrate on cutting.
The ergonomic design of the FELCO 8 is effectively a natural extension of your hand, and the trademark ease of use of these shears is reinforced by a convenient belt fixing for this hybrid tool. As a combination it’s a seamless solution that efficiently protects your plants, while also safeguarding the economic health of your business.

  • Pruning shears with spraying system
  • Container capacity: 1 liter
  • Belt fastening system
  • Adjustable nozzle
  • Tool for right-handed pruning
  • Ergonomic handle suited for larger hands
  • Bypass pruning shears / secateurs
  • Handles in forged aluminium with lifetime guarantee
  • Blade and counter blade constructed of hardened steel
  • Screw-mounted counter blade for easy replacement
  • Blade with wire cutting notch
  • Counter blade with sap groove
  • Locking segment nut for easy adjustment of cutting head
  • Tool adjustment key included for cutting head and closing lock adjustment
  • Phthalate-free non-slip handle coating*
  • All parts replaceable**
  • Made in Switzerland using 100% renewable energy

  • The FELCO 19 delivers spraying between cuts that allows you to concentrate completely on your pruning tasks
  • The routine disinfection of the cutting head provides effective disease control on each cut
  • Once hand-pumped to pressurize, the one-liter spray container delivers efficient disinfection until the next refill is necessary
  • Lightweight and sturdy forged aluminum handles with a lifetime guarantee provide for efficient handling no matter the location or task
  • A robust and rugged high performance tool with a design that makes it easy to deal comfortably with heavy-duty pruning tasks
  • The angled head integrates the tool’s function with your hand for a comfortable cutting action that becomes second nature
  • Rely on FELCO proprietary heat treating and hardening know-how to provide you with a long lasting ultra-sharp cutting edge
  • Enjoy comfortable and safe pruning with the ergonomic cushioned grips and non-slip phthalate-free handle coating*
  • The sap groove reduces clogging which keeps the blades moving freely and improves cutting efficiency
  • The wire cutting notch in the blade provides for every eventuality and avoids the temptation to risk blunting your tool
  • Easily adjust the cutting head for a clean and precise cut that promotes quick healing of the pruning wound
  • The adjustable closing lock makes for safe pick up and transit wherever your pruning takes you
  • Keep cutting for longer as rubber shock absorbers increase your handling comfort and reduce fatigue
  • The quick and easy blade change is safe, secure and ensures you can always get on with the job
  • Red handles underline our heritage while acting as a convenient beacon, so you can always find your FELCO tool in any environment
  • Their manufacture in Switzerland using renewable energy makes them a powerful advocate of our philosophy of harmony of use, while in harmony with nature
  • If you value sustainability as much as we do, you’ll want to keep your FELCO 19 shears and spraying device in premium condition and minimise waste in using a tool where all parts – from the blade and spring to the smallest screw – are replaceable

Let’s face it, LED testers went out with the 90’s. Digital is the best way to test, activate, chatter, and diagnose as digital processors can be programmed to deal with any situation.
Old, antiquated solenoid testers are no match for the brand new Pro50 from Armada.
The Armada Technologies PRO50 Digital AC/DC Solenoid Activator with Multimeter offers a digital capability allowing it to test AC, DC, high resistance, and any low voltage solenoid out there. This model offers a digital LCD screen and a built-in digital multimeter. The Pro50 can not only do these tests as the old analog solenoid activators can, but it can do it for all low voltage solenoids, not just 20-60 ohm AC models. That means DC and high resistance solenoids for lightning protection can be tested, diagnosed, and operated/chattered, all from one tester. The Pro50’s built in multimeter can test for AC, DC, and ohms and is voltage protected to 120 volts. This more detailed information, given by the multimeter, replace the “dumb” LED lights that have no flexibility or ability to interpret results like a multimeter does.



  • Digital LCD screen
  • Digital capability to test AC, DC, high resistance and low voltage
  • Tone tracing for wire identification
  • 24 inch removable multi-meter Alligator Leads
  • 900 Hz alternating with 1050 Hz line transmit frequency
  • 120VAC or 120VDC line voltage protection
  • Uses 4 A’ for longer life
  • Test Range 3,000 feet over 18 gauge cable


  • Testing 24v output from the clock/controller
  • Activating any AC or DC Low Voltage Solenoid
  • Chattering any AC or DC Low Voltage Solenoid for lost valve locating
  • Sending tone to identify wires
  • Measuring AC or DC Voltage and Resistance

Turn to Experience

Hydrapure performance bronze ball, gate and check valves
iron butterfly, gate and check valves
plumbing valves
wrote copper, cast, push and cpvc fittings
PEX fittings and valve
NIBCO® HydraPure®, a new generation of lead-free* valves and cast fittings comprised of silicon Performance Bronze® alloys designed to meet the stringent lead-free laws.
Unlike brass alloys, our Performance Bronze® alloy used in the manufacture of HydraPure® fittings and valves is dezincification-resistant. Engineered to exacting standards, NIBCO HydraPure® valves and fittings are made of a specially formulated Performance Bronze® material that will meet the new National Lead Free Law that goes into effect in 2014.
Lead-free* cast dezincification-resistant brass fittings are specifically designed for use in applications that deliver water for human consumption; this includes commercial as well as residential construction. NIBCO® lead-free* fittings are third party certified to Annex G of NSF/ANSI 61.



Controlling the air in irrigation systems controls the water flow and the most efficient way to control air is by the proper use of air vents. Both the presence of air and absence of air can cause problems and damage to irrigation systems. Netafim provides air vents to discharge and admit air as required.
Trapped air in pipes impedes water flow and can lower watering uniformity. It can also cause water hammer and damage to pipes and fittings. Air in pipes also produces inaccurate readings for water and flow meters. For reliable and accurate water measurement, flow meters require pipes to be full of water.
The absence of air in pipes can trigger contaminates such as mud and dirt to be drawn into the piping system.
Netafirm offers two types of Air Vents, Air/Vacuum Relief Air Vents and Combination Air Vents. More complete product and ordering Information is provided below.

  • Install in subsurface systems
  • Not required when installing Techline CV or for on-surface installations
3/4″, 1″ and 2″ Air Vents
  • Install in subsurface systems
  • Not required when installing Techline HCVXR and CV or for on-surface installations
  • On sloping terrain to prevent collapsing of pipes caused by vacuum when pipe networks drain
  • For air discharge during system start-up
  • Maximum operating pressure: 140 psi
3/4″, 1″ and 2″ Air Vents
  • Maximum operating pressure: 150 psi
  • Made of corrosion-resistant reinforced UV protected composite materials – no metal parts to rust or corrode, no need for spare parts


Support Landscape Professionals with Tree Planting Supplies
Dew Right Tree Watering Bags
Part # TWBAG-12
Tough, UV resistant, zippered
5 to 8 hour water release
Provides deep water penetration
Sold in 12 packs
Pro Tree Stake Kit
Part # PSS
Kit includes:
3 stakes
tree rope
non-grinding triangle strap
Easy 1 person installation
12 / case. Sold individually
Dew Right Tree Watering Donut
Part # TWD-24
5 to 8 hour water release
Dual water emitters
Fill 1 to 2 times / week
Sold in 24 packs
Protective Tree Wrap
Part # TW3W
Protects against mower
damage & “girdling”
3″ x 50′ rolls
24 / case sold individually
When Rain Falls, Storm Supplies Sales Surge
Stock It to Sell It!
Heavy Duty Black Sand Bags
14″ x 26″ & comes with tie
Puncture & tear resistant
UV stabilized
Sold in packs of 100
Super Blue Tarps
Size Range: 8′ x 8′ to 100′ x 100′
Made of strong, 2.3 oz. material
UV resistant
Aluminum rust proof grommets
Sale quantities vary by size
Silt Fence
3′ x 100’ w/(11) 48″ oak stakes
Blocks sediment, allows water flow
For commercial & residential use
Sold individually
Orange Barrier Fence
Part # BF4X100-19
4′ x 100′ rolls
19# high density polypropylene
Prevents job site accidents
Sold individually
DeWitt Turf & Greens Covers

Provide ideal winter protection for greens and tees

DeWitt Turf & Greens Covers are unique and offer more benefits than traditional
turf covers
  • Aide early spring “green-up”
  • Enable earlier tee times.
  • Extended play into the fall
  • Reduce the risk of winter kill
  • Protect against turf desiccation
  • Extend playing season
  • Reduce time and costs of preparing greens & tees for play

DeWitt Turf & Greens Covers can be custom sized to better fit individual green or tee boxes.  Custom-made, DeWitt Turf & Greens Covers are sewn with reinforcement tape on all four sides and grommeted with sturdy #4 brass grommets, giving them a much stronger edge to anchor with and are less likely to tear.

DeWitt offers two types of turf covers – Cover #1 is a black, 3.2 oz./sq. yd woven polypropylene cover that is commonly used in warm climates (southern United States). Its primary use is to keep warm season grasses such as Bermuda dormant, resulting in a quicker “green-up”. Cover #2 is a white, 2.5 oz/sq. yd woven polypropylene cover that is commonly used to cover cool season grasses in colder climates.
Kichler is expanding its lighting accessory offering to include eight new optional tops and several installation tools to give contractors more options than ever. Designed to enhance our 12V Integrated LED All-Purpose Recessed Light, our new selection of accessories can add more application possibilities and create a variety of different lighting effects.
Enhance your outdoor space with Kichler Landscape Accent Lights and Flood Lights.  Accent light fixtures beautify and add safety to your yard, while flood lights highlight architectural features and add drama to trees, shrubs and distinctive landscaping.
Kichler’s 15501CBR Twinkler hanging light is a great fixture to enhance your outdoor living space.  Outdoor kitchens, living rooms and patios are all enjoyed year round with this fixture!
Economical, lightweight paper mulch that helps control weeds and is 100% organic and an environmentally responsible alternative to black plastic. Made from premium recycled paper, DeWitt Garden Weed Barrier® is chemical free and OMRI Listed® – making it approved for organic food production. Our line of paper mulch is perfect for vegetable gardens and designed for annual plantings. Garden Weed Barrier® stops weeds, helps conserve moisture and doesn’t interfere with the natural balance of the land. The paper mulch naturally biodegrades or can be tilled back into the soil, putting nutrients where they belong.
DeWitt Weed-Barrier® 3 Year is an entry-level garden fabric used to suppress weed growth without the use of chemicals. Fabric allows air, water and nutrients to pass through. Plus, it conserves soil moisture and promotes plant growth. Our 3 year fabric is ideal for short term weed control for annual plantings. Our complete line of fabrics is available in bulk sizes for larger commercial and residential projects.
TYPAR® Premium Landscape Fabric blocks weeds around plants; unlike plastic, lets moisture, nutrients and air pass through; and is guaranteed to last for 15 years with proper installation and maintenance.
PRO-5 Weed-Barrier® is the industry’s best 5 oz. woven, needle-punched, polypropylene fabric designed for professional and commercial use. PRO-5 Weed-Barrier® has been approved by leading landscape architects and most government agencies. PRO-5 conserves soil moisture, increases growth, and prevents unwanted weeds from germinating. PRO-5 is striped every twelve inches to aid in plant alignment.`
The C-Series In-Ground Well Lights are Durable and Rugged:
  • Cast brass housing sits within a heavy-duty polymeric sleeve for direct in-ground or concrete commercial installations.
  • Polymeric sleeve is designed for fixture placement and can be utilized as a concrete pour kit. Only a cover would be needed separately.
  • Dual cavity: top protects the optical chamber and LED from heat; bottom further protects potted driver from water ingression.
  • Strain relief at bottom splice connection also designed to prevent water ingression.
  • Centennial Brass finish. Stainless Steel trim ring accessory is also available.


* Attractive natural stones are drilled to create overflowing water features
* Hexagonal pillars have a snapped top and sawn base for stability
* Volcanic basalt oxidizes to form attractive multi-colored patina over time
* Atlantic’s Basalt Columns are generously core-drilled to 1⅜” to fit up to 1″ Sch 40 PVC or 3/4″ kink-free tubing plus a light cord
* A 2″ diameter, 5″ deep socket recesses Atlantic’s Fountain Light and buffers the water plume
* Available in single or three piece sets for design flexibility


Genuine leather double holster with heavy duty rivet and reinforced seam construction. Pockets placed one behind the other to hold 2 tools. Easy belt attachment with intergraded belt loop or clip.
Great for your pruners and folding saw with easy access.



The Mini Cable Snake is an ultra-compact 15 foot fish tape for fishing and pulling irrigation and low voltage lighting wires through conduit.
  • Compact, rugged design can be easily carried and stored
  • 15 foot flat steel wire tape fishes under carpets, down walls and over ceilings
  • Low-memory tape does not curl during extension – perfect for non-conduit situations
  • Durable, high-impact housing resists breaking


EFT-15 – Mini Cable Snake, 15′, Card of 1

Chemtrol Industrial Thermoplastic Flow Control Systems

The Authority in Industrial Flow Control

Tough industrial environments require the utmost reliability in flow control processes. That’s why Chemtrol® is known for its premium line of industrial flow control products. As the leading-edge authority in flow-control systems for more than 55 years, Chemtrol delivers superior performance and reliability where it really counts. Chemtrol valves, pipe and fittings are made from advanced thermoplastics engineered for resistance to abrasion, corrosion, weather, chemical and biological attack. In environments ranging from hot corrosive liquids and chemical processing, to waste water treatment, pharmaceuticals and food processing.
Chemtrol is committed to a progressive approach to your industrial solutions. Not only in superior products, but technical service and support, education and training. Get assistance to spec a job, find your distributor, get catalogs and submittals, and place and track your order.
The full range of industrial plastics materials exhibit distinctive properties to suit a range of industrial applications


  • Easy access to new products
  • Interactive search bar
  • Updated look and feel
  • User friendly
  • Access to Kichler social media pages
  • Updated videos and pictures


Use for smaller sized meters as sub-meter for residential or commercial applications
Communicate with irrigation controllers and measures water usage for effective water management
  • Only One Moving Part – The Impeller – In Contact With The Water
    For minimum wear and utmost reliability.
  • Magnetic Driven Sealed Registers Are Stainless Steel/Composite Encapsulated
    Guaranteed against fogging due to moisture.
  • Accurate Over A Wide Range Of Flows
    For flexible and efficient water management.
  • Industry’s Longest Warranty
    Three years on the metering components (register and metering assembly) and five years on the meter body.


Old, antiquated solenoid testers are no match for the brand new Pro50 from Armada. Let’s face it, LED testers went out with the 90’s. Digital is the best way to test, activate, chatter, and diagnose as digital processors can be programmed to deal with any situation. The digital capability of the Pro50 allows it to test AC, DC, high resistance, and any low voltage solenoid out there. The Pro50 can do them all with the digital LCD screen, unlike the old analog models. But the digital multimeter built in really sets it apart. Different solenoids have different resistances and the meter diagnoses the actual voltages and resistance, letting the user decide what is good and what is not. For example, imagine and old solenoid tester, hard wired for a 20 to 60 ohm good range. Some DC solenoids read less than 20 ohms and will be diagnosed as shorts. On the Pro50, a 4 ohm solenoid reads as 4 ohms, thereby correctly identifying it as a good working solenoid. Digital is smarter.

In addition to digital features, the Pro50 also sends tracing tone for wire identification. The Pro50 uses 4 AA batteries for longer life. For long term affordability, the Pro50 features detachable leads (cords) so that if they deteriorate, they are easily replaceable. All for about $30 more than the old solenoid testers. Also a kit version, the Pro50K, comes with the Pro50, Pro210F Filter Probe, and zippered carry case is available.

NEW Kichler Contemporary 12V Retrofit LED Path Lights

Kichler is expanding its path light portfolio to give homeowners more contemporary style choices than ever before. Our latest retrofit fixtures feature sleek, linear styles, while offering full compatibility with Kichler 12V LED drop-in Lamps (sold separately). The designs not only add architectural interest; they also deliver all the performance benefits you’ve come to expect from Kichler:

  • Illuminate sidewalks, stone pathways, lawn walkways and more: the diffused lenses spread smooth, even lighting across the application without hotspots or glare.
  • Durable solid cast brass or aluminum construction in multiple finishes provides the look homeowners are after and withstands harsh weather conditions.
  • T5 Wedge socket lamp base is optimized for Kichler LED drop-in lamps, assuring easy installation and light output selections.
  • Performance and durability come backed by Kichler’s limited warranty.