Atlantic’s Fountain System is the easiest, fastest and strongest way to build a water feature. Heavy-duty components make setting, plumbing and running your feature simple. All components are designed to work together to beautify any landscape. With systems that will handle any size, any shape and any load, the only limit is your imagination!

  • Systems can be installed in hardscapes or landscapes, in-ground or above-ground, indoors or outdoors for maximum versatility
  • Fountain Basins with integrated internal supports handle more weight with greater stability
  • The Triton 3-Way Diverter makes plumbing and flow control of multiple fountain pieces simple and easy
  • Topside plumbing and tubing channels allow for above water installation and adjustment, no need to get wet
  • Eco-Rise systems with Atlantic’s Eco-Blox modular reservoirs support any weight, any size and any number of decorative elements in any configuration

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Atlantic’s Formal Spillway System takes the guesswork out of adding water to your landscape or hardscape. Minimal noise and splash make this system ideal for indoor applications. Convenient Basin Kits include everything needed for installation, saving time and money. All components are matched for perfect performance every time.

  • Double filter mats keep debris out of the system, eliminating time consuming cleanouts
  • Basin Kits require no guesswork for installation and accommodate four spillway options
  • Dimensions of basins work well with all engineered stone systems
  • High efficiency pumps and top quality components keep cost of operation minimal
  • Water flow is adjustable to achieve the perfect effect regardless of location
  • The rigid basins are completely weatherproof and carry a lifetime warranty

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Atlantic’s Pond-free System makes below ground reservoir construction simpler, easier and more reliable. Sturdy Pump Vaults, Extensions and Eco-Blox create underground reservoirs that are stronger and safer than ever before. Above ground, FastFalls lead the industry with unmatched weight capacities and virtually leak-proof design. Innovative components make Atlantic’s family of Pond-free products the best ever built.

  • Strongest water matrix blocks, vaults and spillways in the industry for longevity and piece of mind
  • Modular reservoir system accommodates water features of any size for the greatest versatility
  • Kits with pre-matched components take the guesswork out of specifying water features
  • FastFalls spillways with rear liner attachement eliminate leaks due to settling
  • Pump Vaults have multiple drill points and outlet locations for the greatest number of installation options
  • Eco-Blox can be built to create stacked assemblies for easier installation and deeper reservoirs

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Atlantic’s Water Garden System offers a complete solution for every pond builder, from full-featured Skimmers that allow for every plumbing and pre-filter preference, to versatile FilterFalls that can be upgraded as ponds mature and organic loads increase. Whether you prefer to individually select the custom accessories for your Water Garden System, or to simply choose a Pond Kit that comes with all the equipment, liner and plumbing you’ll need to complete the project without having to run to the hardware store, Atlantic has it all.

  • Full range of Skimmers and FilterFalls for every size water garden
  • Crush-proof Skimmers and FilterFalls with lifetime warranties eliminate concerns of warping and deformation in the ground
  • More filtration options accommodate multiple fish and plant stocking levels
  • Pond Kits containing everything needed for a complete installation save you time and money
  • A complete line of accessories to complement and enhance your water garden allows for full customization

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Atlantic’s Pump Products offer the perfect solution for all water features, large and small. Whether the application calls for Mag Drive or Direct Drive, Axial or Asynchronous, TidalWave pumps deliver the right flow at the right head for the right wattage. Cutting edge design, top quality components and world class support ensure TidalWave delivers years of trouble-free service.

  • FP-Series pumps offer adjustable flows and multiple adapters for ease of installation and adjustment
  • MD-Series pumps make better flows at higher head heights and are the easiest to service in the industry
  • TT-Series pumps are the most powerful, most efficient, smallest footprint Asynchronous pumps on the market, offering toolless maintenance and an optional Variable Speed Controller
  • PAF- and SH-Series pumps offer Direct Drive power and solids handling ability for in-pond applications
  • A- and L-Series cast iron and stainless steel pumps handle the highest head, most demanding applications

Atlantic’s Comprehensive Pump Chart provides clear, easy-to-understand Best Efficiency Points and Recommended Operating Ranges, to ensure the perfect match of pump to application. Estimate the Total Dynamic Head of your system* and then find the desired GPH at that head height. For best results make sure the pump chosen is operating in its Best Efficiency range (dark blue) to avoid cavitation, overheating and overworking, ensuring years of worry-free service. Please refer to our step-by-step guide to calculate your TDH.

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Atlantic offers the best of everything you need to install your water features, without ever compromising quality. From innovative products designed with you in mind, like the award winning Triton Check Valve, to fittings, foam, tubing and liner all proudly manufactured in the USA, Atlantic installation accessories will stand the test of time.

  • Triton Check Valves custom fit every Atlantic application and adapt to all other manufacturers’ equipment for the greatest versatility and convenience for the installer
  • Atlantic high density FallsFoam available in gun cartridges and single use cans resists ultraviolet light and weathering for years of dependable service
  • Compact, fully adjustable Automatic Fill Valves install easily to top water off automatically, saving time, trouble and pumps
  • American-made flexible PVC pipe has greater flexibility for easier installation
  • Carlisle Aquatough liner with J-Tear technology reduces inadvertent rips and leaks

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Extend the beauty of your water feature or hardscape after dark with Atlantic’s LED lighting systems. Whether you prefer Warm White or Color Changing, solid brass SOL Lights use energy efficient, long lasting LEDs. Give your space a welcome warming glow, above ground or underwater, all night long. Atlantic SOL Lighting is easy to install and carries up to a five-year warranty.

  • Solid brass bodies dissipate heat and resist corrosion for the longest lasting most dependable lights on the market
  • Silicone gaskets and precision lenses guarantee weather and waterproof performance
  • Atlantic submersible lighting can be used in or out of the water, illuminating your water feature or landscape
  • SOL submersible and Hardscape lights feature top quality 40,000 hour Cree diodes
  • Replaceable diodes for the ultimate longevity

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Atlantic offers a full line of maintenance products that will keep your water feature healthy and beautiful for years to come. Our Triton Ionizer and water treatments keep your pond crystal clear. The Pond & Garden Protectors prevent accumulation of leaves and debris when the weather is less favorable. Winter or summer Typhoon Air Pumps keep water moving and fish healthy. Whatever your maintenance needs, Atlantic has you covered!

  • The Triton Ioniezr integrates seamlessly to the Triton Check Valve or directly to PVC or kink-free pipe for the easiest installation possible
  • Our water treatments offer a wide variety for solutions for all of your aquatic needs
  • Typhoon Air products keep ponds clear and free of ice year-round in the most economical manner possible
  • Pond & Garden Protectors and Pond Nets provide all-season protection for ponds, water features and gardens reliable and inexpensively

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Atlantic’s Aeration System offers everything you need for the health and maintenance of large ponds and lakes. The sophisticated suite of products includes air compressors, diffusers and accessories optimized for every size and depth body of water. We took our time to develop the best system on the market today – efficient and economical, engineered for excellence!

  • Air diffusers that are economical to ship, easy to deploy and maintain and more efficient at cirulation and gas diffusion
  • Robust Compressors that are reliable, rebuildable and economical to run and service
  • Long lasting Direct Burial and Weighted Tubing that simplifies installation
  • Treatments that solve most every pond and lake problem
  • Fully equipped Cabinets that protect and soundproof equipment securely
  • Complete Systems with every component needed for your project available for your convenience

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Whether you’re considering a single rain barrel or a large in-ground reservoir, Atlantic’s innovative Rain Harvesting components are right for your project. Our Clean Rain Ultra Downspout Diverter, Eco-Blox and Rain Harvesting Pump Vault are all specially designed to capture, store and re-use rain water, allowing you to help the planet by reducing runoff while saving money on your water bill

  • Rain Water Harvesting is a responsible solution to many irrigation and runoff containment dilemmas
  • First flush diverters automatically direct contaminated roof water to waste before collecting allowing clean water to fill cisterns and reservoirs
  • Pump Vaults house and protect the external or submersible pumps and plumbing that distributes harvested water
  • Eco-Blox blocks provide a fully modular containment solution to create underground reservoirs of any size, shape or depth
  • Half and full sized Rain Barrels effectively collect and store water directly at the downspou

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“I have had the pleasure of working alongside Kerry and his team for the last twenty-five years. Through this time, Kerry and I have become close personal friends. Many times in business, you have to rely on quality individuals for product performance data and background information. You can always count on Burnley Associates for knowledgeable and expert dialogue regarding products in the industry they represent.  Relationships are still the most important part of small businesses. Burnley Associates are always there for us, sharing their expertise and helping us in our professional endeavors.”

Stacey A. Fisher
President – Fisher Irrigation and Lighting Systems, LLC