To our valued customers and partners,

This year we celebrate a special anniversary at Burnley Associates – our 25th year in business!

The Journey began in 1995 with Phil Gallo and myself starting Gallo and Burnley Associates.  That start-up partnership grew to the point where Phil and Recognized the need to create separate agencies.  To this day, Phil and I remain business associates and, more importantly, great friends.  We owe much of our success to those early days with Phil Gallo.

In the early days I quickly realized there was a need for a “new style” of manufacturer’s rep.  I knew that I could distinguish myself in the industry by offering something more to the customer and manufacturer relationships.  To this day, we continue with that value added philosophy.

As the business grew, both of my sons, Ryan and Eric, have joined me to become agency partners.  Tom Rivers has been a colleague and friend for more than 30 years.  In 2018 Burnley Associates was excited for the opportunity to bring Tom on board.  With Tom’s addition, we have now expanded into NC, SC, GA and Eastern TN.  We are thankful to have tom as part of the team.

We are very fortunate to have long standing relationships with the same loyal customers that we started with back in 1995.  Along with those customers, we have also enjoyed great manufacturer partnerships as well.  King Innovation, Kichler, Nibco and Irrometer have been with us from the beginning.  We are grateful to have been able to add other valued manufacturer partners along the way.  Looking forward, Burnley Associates will continue to invest time, effort and resources to assure we will “add value” and exceed our customers expectations.

When I started, I wanted to build an agency with sustainability that would be in it for the “long haul.”  With the succession plan in place, Burnley Associates is already looking forward to our 50 year anniversary.  Together, we will have another great story to tell.  Thank you all for being an integral partner in our success.  We could not have done it without you.


Kerry Burnley – President, Burnley Associates

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