FELCO means excellence, quality and durability in professional pruning and cutting tools. Over the past year unethical entities have produced and sold counterfeit FELCO tools to cheat consumers. That’s why FELCO is stepping up to support its customers who seek the highest quality products.

Real Felco

  • FELCO blades are always attached to handles by three pins and never with screws.
  • FELCO hardware uses only hexagonal flathead screws.
  • FELCO tools always have a clear, fine, deep stamped logo into the aluminum handles.
  • FELCO thumb catches have a compact specific design, they are tightly fastened to the handle and never touch the red grip.
  • FELCO red plastic grips are precisely applied to the aluminum handles. The grips cannot be peeled back by hand

Counterfeit Felco

  • Counterfeit blades are often attached with a screw on the inside of the blade.
  • Counterfeit hardware is not precision cut, has a poor, rough finish and often uses round Philips head screws.
  • Counterfeit logos are often laser cut, thick, unaligned and contain spelling mistakes (i.e. ELCO, FILCO, etc.)
  • Counterfeits often have large, loose thumb catches that touch the red grip.
  • Counterfeit grips often have gaps between the metal handle and the plastic grips. These grips can be peeled back by hand.

For more information visit www.realfelco.com.

The real Felco can be purchased through all of our authorized Felco Landscape Distributors.



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